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Sedona Red Rockettes 99s Meeting, Saturday, May 15, 2021, Sedona Airport
Members: Tina Andres, Barbara Cypher, Susan Hill, Sharrilyn Honacki (Jim), Cheryl Kellogg, Julie Millis (Bob), Kathleen Moore, Lori Parker, Betty Uhrig, Pamela Williams (Dale), Barbara Vickers
Guests: Cynthia Clark, Maggie Cricks, Aleana Cricks (EAA scholar), Beatrice Lippolis

Julie Millis called the meeting to order at 13:17 with thanks to Ed Rose and Betty Uhrig for arranging the meeting at the Sedona Airport. An introduction of members and new participants provided a bevy of aviation experiences; which included, types of aircraft flown and training experiences, scholarship recipients, vocations in aviation. Thanks to Barbara Vickers for giving a brief history of how our local chapter was formed.
Report of Treasurer: Betty Uhrig provided an update of local chapter funds, and received local chapter dues from members.
Report of chapter minutes: Julie read the report from February 17, 2021; minutes were approved. Minutes can be found on the chapter web site.
Committee Reports: 
1. Media/PR - (Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Vickers)
2. Education - (Susan Hill) members discussed training opportunities. Betty Uhrig, Tina Anders and Lori Parker stated they had participated in lectures and seminars provided by the FAA and EAA.
3. Air Marking - Lori Parker discussed possible compass rose air marking at Sedona Airport with assistance from the Phx 99s chapter.
4. Membership - (All of us!) Membership requirements for International and local was discussed. Dues - Pilots $65 International, $15 local; Student pilots $45. Please send your local chapter dues to Betty Uhrig, treasurer.
5. Fly-ins - (All of us!) Send suggestions Julie or Sharrilyn and we will pass the information to our members.
6. Scholarship - (Betty Uhrig) Aleana Cricks was introduced as the EAA scholarship recipient. Tina Andres works with the Flagstaff EAA chapter to recommend support for training women pilots.
7. Historian - 
8. Webpage - (Sharrilyn Honacki) please send recommendations or suggestion to Chapter information will be posted on the web site 
OldBusiness: Julie discussed updating the chapter e-mail list. Betty said that she w ould send out an updated list with dues and membership information. Please contact Julie or Betty with corrections.
Spring SW Section Report read at April 10, 2021 meeting.
Two Zoom meetings were held during the Covid-19 pandemic. Julie thanked Lori Parker for providing the sessions and keeping our members in touch. Lori stated that she was willing to host sessions as needed in the future.
New Business : The change of chapter meeting times and dates was discussed. With 15 participants at today’s session, it was suggested that we continue meeting on Saturdays. Barbara Cypher volunteered to host the thanksgiving November session. See future meeting dates and locations listed below.
The use of the Cottonwood EAA building was discussed at length. Tina Andres stated that they were still working out access with the current airport director. 
Upcoming Dates :
July 10, 2021 — 99’s Annual meeting; October 2, 2021 — Sedona Airport Day; July 6-11, 2022 — International Conference, Charleston SC
Future Meetings :
August 14,2021 — Sedona Airport (noon, potluck luncheon, meeting)
November 13, 2021 — Barbara & Tom Cypher’s (noon, potluck Thanksgiving luncheon)
Julie closed the meeting at 14:22
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