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Sedona Red Rockettes Meeting Minutes 11/19/2019 ..... Happy 90th birthday Ninety-nines .... Happy Holidays 2019

Members present - Tina Andres, Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Cypher (Tom), Susan hill (Aaron), Sharrilyn Honacki (Jim), Mari Lloyd, Julie Millis (Bob), Kathleen Moore (Pat), Lois Neville (grandson Jake), Betty Uhrig, Barbara Vickers.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm (19:15) by Julie Millis, Chair. Julie thanked Barbara and Tom Cypher for hosting the Thanksgiving feast and Ninety-nines 90th birthday celebration.

Treasurer’s report - Betty Uhrig reported no gain or loss; chapter budget remains positive.
October Meeting Minutes - Sharrilyn Honacki reported corrections sent via email by Betty Uhrig; minutes were approved with corrections as posted on the chapter web site.

Committee Reports
1. Media/PR (Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Vickers) - a) The Sedona Red Rockettes (Tina Andres, Mari & Sid Lloyd, Julie & Bob Millis, Kathy Moore, Barbara Vickers) and the EAA Chapter 952 (Sid Lloyd, President and Don Miller, Treasurer) assisted with the Havasu 600 Air Race start at the Sedona Airport November 9, 2019; b) congratulations to Betty Uhrig for receiving the FAA Master Aviator Award.
2. Education (Susan Hill) - congratulations to Jerolyn Byrne for passing the instrument check ride.
3. Air Marking (??) - no report
4. Membership - All of us!
5. Fly-ins - All of us!
6. Scholarship (Betty Uhrig) - members discussed chapter donations for EAA chapter scholarship recipients.
7. Historian (Jan Thompson) - no report
8. Webpage (Sharrilyn Honacki) - Sharrilyn thanked members for submitting additions and corrections for the chapter web site. She encouraged members to submit photos and updates on future activities.

Old Business
Julie Millis discussed comments from International Ninety-nines officers about the future of the Sedona Red Rockettes chapter. Chapter members discussed concerns about the lack of attendance and committee leadership at the local level. Julie moved that chapter meetings not be held in December and January; Sharrilyn and Tina seconded the motion; motion was approved unanimously.
Members discussed hosting four meetings each year; Sharrilyn moved that meetings be held in February, May, August, and November 2020; Tina and Betty seconded the motion; motion was approved unanimously. 
**February 2020 - a luncheon chapter meeting will be held Saturday, February 22nd at 11:30 a.m.; location EAA 952 chapter headquarters Cottonwood Airport.

New Business - none
Upcoming Dates
January 25, 3020, SWS Winter Workshop
March 5-7, 2020, International Women in Aviation Conference, Florida
July 8-12, 2020, International 99’s Conference, Long Beach CA

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