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Sedona Red Rockettes Meeting July 16, 2019
Members present: Jerolyn Byrne, Susan Hill (Aaron), Sharilyn Honacki (Jim), Julie Millis (Bob), Kathleen Moore (Pat), Betty Uhrig. Guest present: Steve Allen.
The meeting was called to order by Julie Mills, Chair, at 7:00 pm (1900). 
Report of Treasurer by Betty Uhrig. 
Report of June minutes by Sharrilyn Honacki; minutes were approved as found on web site with corrections noted by Julie Millis.

Report of Committee members: 1) Media/PR (Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Vickers, Amanda Shankland); 2) Education (Susan Hill) Jerolyn discussed her upcoming IFR check ride; 3) Airmarking (all of us) Kathleen Moore shared a picture of a Sedona Airport Compass Rose that was completed by members in the past; 4) Membership (all of us); 5) Fly-ins (all of us) Susan stated that she and Aaron attended the Cottonwood Airport 4th of July picnic and fireworks display; 6) Scholarship (Betty Uhrig) Sharrilyn moved that $500 be donated to the EAA aviation workshop to support students interested in aviation; Kathleen Moore seconded the motion; motion passed; 7) Historian (Jan Thompson) Julie noted that chapter historical data will be kept in a file at the Cottonwood Airport EAA facility; Webpage (Sharrilyn Honacki) members may submit suggestions or chapter content to be posted; see

Old Business...
A) Julie thanked chapter members for submitting their aviation histories and asked members that have not completed their aviation histories to submit them ASAP. B) Delegate voting will be conducted at the International meeting in Dayton OH; currently, we do not have a chapter member attending, so Julie sent the ballots to Irene.
New business...
Julie shared chapter membership information provided by International; our chapter currently has 15 members registered.
Julie asked members that are flight instructors to register on the Ninety-nines Instructor Registration page. 
Upcoming dates...
July 16-21, 2019, International 99’s conference, Dayton OH
August 24, 2019, Thunder Over Flagstaff, Flagstaff Pulliam & Wiseman Aviation, Flagstaff AZ; Arizona’s biggest fly-in and car showing.
October 3-6, 2019, Fall Section Meeting, San Luis Obispo
October 5, 2019, Sedona Airport Day, Sedona AZ
November 2, 2019, 90th Birthday of the 99’s organization
November 7-9, 2019, Lake Havasu Air Race (Sedona start; chapter members are needed to guide aircraft and to assist with timing)
July 7-12, 2020, International 99’s Conference, Long Beach CA

Future Meetings...
August 20th - Sedona, Kathleen Moore
September 17th - No meeting scheduled
October 15th - Cottonwood
November 19th - location TBA; suggested a compass rose cake to celebrate The 99’s birthday
Meeting adjourned by Julie Millis, Chair, at 7:30 pm (19:30).

Quote: Flying an aeroplane with only a single propeller to keep you in the air. Can you imagine that? ~~ Captain Picard, from “Star Trek: the Next Generation”.