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Sedona Red Rockettes Meeting, April 17, 2018

Members present: Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Cypher, Rosemary Gravett, Susan Hill, Sharrilyn Honacki, Mari Lloyd, Julie Millis, Kathleen Moore, Lois Neville, Betty Uhrig, Barbara Vickers. 49 1/2 members present: Jerry Buley, Tom Cypher, Aaron Hill, Jim Honacki, Fred Jacobsen, Sid Lloyd, Bob Millis, Pat Moore.

The meeting was called to order at 19:07 by Rosemary Gravett, Chair. Rosemary welcomed everyone to the April meeting and thanked Barbara and Tom Cypher for hosting.
Report of Treasurer - Betty Uhrig reported the treasury balanced and stated that the increase reflected new member dues.
1. Media/PR (Amanda Shankland, not present) - Rosemary reported posting the obituary notice for Hass Maxson in New Horizons.
2. Educational (Susan Hill, present/ Kathy Eaton, not present) - Betty announced that she is working on A&P certification as an apprentice with Pat Moore.
3. Airmarking (All members) - Rosemary contacted Jake, operations manager at Sedona. to discuss the completion of a compass rose. Jake stated the Board is definitely interested and would be willing to pay for materials. The proposed project date is September 28-29, 2018. The layout will be completed Friday and painting on Saturday. Jake will check to see who could complete the survey and select the location. Rosemary will contact Embry Riddle and the Phoenix Ninety Nines Chapter to see if we can get additional help in painting. It was also recommended that we contact the Civil Air Patrol, ROTC, and Cottonwood half-way house participants for additional help. Barbara Vickers suggested that she could post an information request for volunteers on the Sedona Wish List as well.
4. Membership (All members) - Betty Uhrig was listed as a new member in New Horizons magazine. Mari Lloyd has submitted a new membership application which will be posted next month. 
5. Fly-ins (All members) - members suggested a fly-in to Laughlin or the Pancake Breakfast fly-in (AZ82) July 14th.
6. Scholarship (Amanda Shankland/Valeri Caro, not present) - Sharrilyn moved to provide a $500 donation in Hass Maxson’s name; 2nd by Betty Uhrig; motion passed. The funds will be donated to the EAA Scholarship fund.
7. Historian (Jan Thompson, not present) - Rosemary will contact Jan to see if we could hold a meeting at her home to update chapter historian material.
8. Webpage (Sharrilyn Honacki, present) - work on cleaning up web page and adding more pictures to reflect chapter activities.

Old Business...
Sedona Compass Rose
99’s Annual Fall Conference July 3-8, 2018
SW Spring meeting April 27-29, 2018, Bakersfield CA
Pancake Breakfast and fly-in, Mogollon Airpark, Overgaard AZ (AZ82) July 14, 2018
AOPA fly-in, September 14-15, 2018, Santa Fe NM
New Business..
International BOD voting May, 2018; opt in to electronic voting
EAA Air Venture, July 23029, 2018, Oshkosh WI
Hass Scholarship

Future Meetings...
May 15 th - NO MEETing SCHEDULED
June 19 - possibly Flagstaff Airport; further notice will be posted closer to the meeting date.
July/August - Dates and locations will be set at the June 19th meeting.

“The joy of flight is knowing your ability to excel to new heights: Hass, we miss you!”