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Sedona Red Rockettes 99s meeting will be held February 19, 2019, Cottonwood Airport, EAA Chapter 952 building (6 pm Potluck dinner; meeting 7 pm)

HAPPY NEW YEAR — 2019.......Sedona Red Rockettes Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018

Members present: Barbara Cypher, Barbara Vickers, Tina Andres, Mari Lloyd, Susan Hill, Kathleen Moore, Betty Uhrig, Julie Millis, LoisNeville, Jerolyn Byrne, Sally Sieberts, Sharrilyn Honacki; 49 1/2 members present: Tom Cypher, Ryan Cypher, Jerry Buley, Aaron Hill, Sid Lloyd, John Sieberts, Bob Millis, Fred Jacobsen, Jim Honacki.
The meeting was called to order by Julie Millis, Chair, at 7:20 pm (19:20). Thank you Barbara and Tom Cypher for hosting the SRR99s Thanksgiving meeting! Thanks to all members providing dishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!
Treasurer’s report: Betty Uhrig reported a positive November balance.
Minutes and web site report: Sharrilyn Honacki discussed corrected dates for the International Ninety-nines Conference; October minutes located on the SRR99s web site were approved.
Committee Reports...
1. Media/Pr report - (Jerolyn Byrne, Sharrilyn Honacki, Barbara Vickers, Amanda Shankland) - Thank you Betty Uhrig for submitting the article, “Cottonwood to be a stop on Women’s air race”, to the local Sedona news paper. Members suggested that future news items could also be distributed by contacting local news sources in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Cottonwood. Chapter information can also be found on the Sedona Wish List web site, or on the chapter website
2. Education report (Susan Hill/Kathy Eaton) - Betty Uhrig was inducted into the Women in Aviation Hall of Fame. Congratulations Betty! Betty will also participate in a Bonanza maintenance academy In Salt Lake City.  A Wings safety program will be held in Flagstaff December 2018.
3. Air Marking report (Tiffany Goettl) - no report
4. Membership (All of us!) - Thanks goes to all local members for paying their local chapter dues!
5. Fly-ins report - If you have a suggestion for a fly-in, please send your recommendation to Julie Millis or bring your idea to the February meeting.
6. Scholarship report - Scholarship funds were distributed to the local EAA chapter for young aviators and to the Ninety-nines scholarship fund in the name of Hass and Ed Maxson.
7. Historian report - Barbara Vickers requested that members be prepared to discussed their worse flying experience at the February 2019 meeting!
8. Webpage (Sharrilyn Honacki) - Minutes are posted at for review.
Old Business...
1. Chapter T-shirts: Members are enjoying the T-shirts created by Pam Rudolph. If you would like to order a chapter T-shirt, contact Sharrilyn for Pam’s contact information.
New Business...
1. Report on Tookie Hensley Air Race: Cottonwood location cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Food items purchased for the Tookie Hensley Air Race were donated to a local women’s shelter in Cottonwood.
2. Autumn, an Emery Riddle 99s member, requested information about our chapter and invited members to participate in the women’s speakers series. Additional information will be provided after winter break
3. Julie received a note that Betty Fineman has moved to Seattle.
4. Mari Lloyd and Tina Andres recommended meeting at the Cottonwood Airport in February; they are remodeling a room for future aviation activities.
Future Meetings...
February 19, 2019 - Cottonwood Airport
March 14-16, 2019 - Women in Aviation ConferenceMeeting adjourned at 7:55 pm (19:55)