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Sedona Red Rockettes 99s - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Members present - Kathy Eaton, Betty Uhrig, Kathleen Moore, Barbara Vickers, Susan Hill, Barbara Cypher, Rosemary Gravett, Amanda Shankland, Sally Sieberts, Julie Millis, Lois Neville, and Sharrilyn Honacki.  49 1/2’s present - Aaron Hill, Fred Jacobsen, Paul Shankland, Bob Millis, and Thomas Cypher.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm/19:15 by presiding officer, Julie Millis at the home of Barbara Cypher in Sedona AZ. Julie asked each participating member to introduce themselves by discussing an aviation experience.

Report of Treasurer - our treasurer, Hass Maxson, has gone to new horizons - Julie asked for a moment of silence for our past Treasurer, Mary Hassell “Hass” Maxson, condolences can be posted with Hass’s obituary on 
Minutes of November 14, 2017 meeting on web site were approved.
Election of 99s chapter officers and committee report representatives were conducted. Members listed below will serve in the following offices (*International membership is required for the following positions): Chair;  - Rosemary Gravett, Vice chair - Julie MillisTreasurer - Betty Uhrig, Secretary/Webpage - Sharrilyn Honacki 
Members listed below will serve on the following committees:
Media/PR - Amanda Shankland. Amanda volunteered to post the Obit notice for Hass with our International Organization in
Education - Susan Hill/Kathy Eaton
Air Marking - Rosemary Gravett/Victoria Coleman/Tiffany Goettl
The next air marking activity will be at the Sedona Airport on April 6th and 7th. Rosemary discussed laying out the compass rose on April 6th from noon to 4 pm and painting the Compass Rose on April 7th from 8 am to 4 pm. Amanda has made arrangements for additional volunteers to complete the process. Rosemary and the air marking committee will provide a list of supplies needed. The Sedona Airport will provide the paint and painting supplies. Additional items needed will be discussed at the March 20th meeting.
Membership and Fly-ins - All members 
Scholarship - All members, Amanda Shankland and Valerie Caro will oversee the Amelia Earhart Scholarship subcommittee.
Meeting Communications (Telephone/email - future notices of meetings will be conducted by email from the Chair or Vice-chair)
Barbara Cypher, host for the February meeting, has graciously offered her home for the March and April meetings. Thank you!
Thank you Julie Millis for phoning members for the February meeting.
Thanks also goes to Lois Neville for her numerous phone conversations with our members.
Historian - Jan Thompson 
Webpage - minutes will be posted on web site by Sharrilyn Honacki
New Business... Julie Millis, Chair, discussed the following:
  Check your email for February edition of “Straight and Level”. AZ Pilot’s Association happening
  AOPa Flight Training Scholarship  99s magazine (request PR committee to submit information about compass rose activity and posting       New Horizons information for Hass Maxson.  SWSection Meeting Ninety-nines, Bakersfield CA April 26-29, 2018
Future Meetings...
March 20th - Barbara Cypher, Sedona (**Members, please bring items for chapter scholarship auction)
April 6th & 7th - Compass Rose Air Marking, Sedona Airport
April 17th - Barbara Cypher, Sedona
May 15th - TBA
                                       “The joy of flight is knowing your ability to excel to new heights! Hass, we miss you!”