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Sedona Red Rockettes meeting — 6/19/20118 — 7:05 meeting called to order by Julie Millis, Vice Chair

Members present - Barbara Cypher, Julie Millis, Lois Neville, Betty Uhrig, Kathy Moore, Jerolyn Byrne, Susan Hill, Barbara Vickers, Sharrilyn Honacki. 49 1/2 members present - Tom Cypher, Bob Millis, Fred Jacobsen, Pat Moore, Aaron Hill, Jerry Buley, Jim Honacki. Welcome - Thank you Barb and Tom Cypher for hosting the meeting.

Treasurer’s report - Betty Uhrig filed the 501 3C report which was due June 30th. She also discussed the donation made to our Sedona Red Rockettes Chapter by Hass Maxson. Chapter members discussed the transfer of funds to establish a chapter Ed & Hass Maxson memorial fund to support future aviation activities. Barbara Vickers stated that it was a wonderful way to recognize Ed and Hass, especially since Ed was responsible for the formation of the Sedona Red Rockettes chapter.
Secretary’s report - minutes were approved as posted on the chapter web site.  Members were reminded to read minutes online and submit additions or corrections to Rosemary Gravett, Julie Millis, or Sharrilyn Honacki, 
Committee Reports
Media - no report
Education - Barbara Cypher and Betty Uhrig discussed webinars on Aviation safety (1 hour meetings FAA Wings credit; check out FAA safety issues, flight operations or weather flying updates). Julie Millis discussed the flight safety training provided by Greg Brown. Members can participate by setting up an account with FAA Safety.
Aviation news - Susan HIll discussed one of the former scholarship recipients Sarah Converse was hired by American Airlines.
Air marking - no report
Membership report (All members) - Betty Shea Fowler will try attend next month.
Fly in — Mogollon Airpark, EAA Chapter 1044 Planes & Pancakes in the Pines will be held Saturday July 14, 2018 from 7 to 11 a.m.
Scholarship - no report
Historian  - no report
Web site report - Web master is working on updating site; information can be submitted to
Old Business
Sedona Compass rose Sept 28-29th
99s Conference July 3-8th. If you are attending contact Julie and she will give you the three ballots to vote at the conference
Pancake breakfast AOPA September 14-15th
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, July 23-29th
New Business
Thunder over Flagstaff August 25th
Fall SW Section Meetin October 4-7, Claremont CA
Rookie Hensley Havasu 600 Air Race Nov 9-10 (4 volunteers needed at Cottonwood for timing mid day November 9). Barbara Cypher stated that she would be interested in participating; other members may contact Julie MIllis for additional information. 

In closing, Julie asked members to discuss their flying experiences which ranged from their first flights, cross country.
experiences, as well as when they first decided to take flying lessons. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Future Meetings
July 17 - Flagstaff, Julie Millis
August 21 — TBA