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Sedona Red Rockettes Meeting Minutes 10/16/2018

Members present: Sally Sieberts, Betty Uhrig, Barbara Cypher, Jerolyn Byrne, Tina Andres, Mari Lloyd, Susan Hill, Kathleen Moore, Sharrilyn Honacki; 49 1/2: Tom Cypher Aaron Hill, Jim Honacki, John Sieberts, Aaron Hill, Pat Moore.

The meeting was called to order by Susan Hill at 7:11 pm (19:11)
Treasurers’ report: Betty Uhrig reported chapter balance.
Secretary/Webpage: Minutes were approved as posted on webpage.

Committee reports...
1. Media/Pr (Amanda Shankland) - Barbara Cypher recommended Barbara Vickers’ website for updated news about the Sedona Red Rockettes 99s Chapter.
2. Education (Susan Hill/Kathy Eaton) - Betty Uhrig discussed members participating in training to judge/monitor the Tookie Hensley Havasu 600 Air Race, Nov 9 cottonwood stop.
3. Air Marking (Tiffany Goettl) - no report
4. Membership (All of us!) - no report
5. Fly-ins (All of us!) - If you have a suggestion for a fly-in, please send your recommendation to Julie Millis.
6. Scholarship (Amanda Shankland/Valerie Caro) - Barbara Cypher and Tina Andres proposed donating funds to the International 99s AE Scholarship and EAA scholarship funds to support young aviators. Betty Uhrig seconded the motion. Members discussed $1000 donated to the 99s in the name of Hass & Ed Maxson and $1000 to the EAA Air Adventures Scholarship program. Motion passed.
7. Historian ( ) - Barbara Cypher recommended Lois Neville as Historian. It was suggested that Lois could give us an update on past chapter events at each or our meetings and help organize a session to record our chapter history. Discussion to be continued at the November 13 meeting.
8. Webpage (Sharrilyn Honacki) - Minutes are posted at for review.

Old Business...
Chapter dues: Betty Uhrig reviewed chapter dues.
Cottonwood Young Eagles, November 3 (or November 11 if rained out)
Tookie Hensley Havasu 600 air Race, Nov 9 Cottonwood stop: Chapter member volunteers are Tina Andres, Barbara Cypher, Mari Lloyd, Betty Uhrig, and Susan Hill.
Chapter T-shirts: Pam Rudolph sent eight shirts with Sedona Red Rockettes Ninety-nines embroidered on them. Thank you Pam! We are proud to have new shirts to represent our chapter!
New Business...
2019 Ninety-nines International Conference, July 16-21, Dayton OH
2020 Ninety-nines International Conference, July 7-12, Long Beach CA

Future Meetings...
November 13 - Sedona, Barbara Cypher
No meetings December 2018 or January 2019
February 19 - TBA

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm (20:10). “Fly safe... fly happy”