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Sedona Red rockettes Meeting Minutes June 18, 2019
Members present: Susan Hill (Aaron), Sharrilyn Honacki (Jim), Kathleen Moore (Pat), Julie Millis (Bob), Lois Neville, Fred), Betty Uhrig.

The meeting was called to order by Julie Millis, Chair, at 7:12 pm (19:12); Chapter members would like to thank Julie and Bob Millis for hosting the meeting.
Report of Treasurer by Betty Uhrig: chapter dues of $15 per member will be collected at the July 2019 meeting.
Report of chapter minutes by Sharrilyn Honacki; minutes were approved as found on web site. Julie asked members if they would like to receive the minutes via email each month. Members stated they would appreciate receiving a copy and would also utilize the web site for chapter information.

Committee Reports...
1. Media/PR - (Jerolyn Byrne, Barbara Vickers, Amanda Shankland) no report
2. Education - (Susan Hill) Susan Hill and Betty Uhrig completed flight instructor renewal courses. Members discussed flight medical renewals and updates.
3. Air Marking - no report
4. Membership - Julie reported that Carin Counihan thanked us for inviting her to our meeting and said that she had met with members of the Phoenix chapter.
5. Fly-in - no report
6. Scholarship - Betty Uhrig requested suggestions for the 2019 year chapter scholarship. Members expressed interest in continuing our support of student pilots participating in the EAA program at Oshkosh WI.
7. Historian - no report
8. Webpage - Sharrilyn Honacki reported on updating the web site to include more photos of chapter activities. 

Old Business...
. Julie Millis asked members to bring their Chapter member histories to the July meeting. She also asked if any chapter members planned to attend the International meeting in July; if so, please contact her and she will provide the delegate voting material.
New Business...
. Julie Millis reported that a meeting with Shannon, Pam, and Frances will be held Thursday at the Sedona Airport to discuss details of the June 18-21, 2019 Lake Havasu Air Race Classic (Sedona start).
Upcoming Dates...
July 4, 2019, Cottonwood Airport Picnic and 4th of July celebration, 7 to 9 pm
July 13, 2019, EAA Fly-in, Mogollon Airpark, AZ
July 16-21, 2019, International 99’s Conference, Dayton OH
October 5, 2019, Sedona Airport Day
November 2, 2019, 90th Birthday of the 99’s (our chapter will celebrate the occasion at the November 15th meeting)
November 7-9, Lake Havasu Air Race (Sedona start on November 7th)
July 7-12, 2020, International 99’s Conference, Long Beach, CA
Future Meetings...
July 16th - KFLG - Jerolyn Byrne has arranged for us to meet in the Upstairs conference room at the Flagstaff Airport. Potluck 6 pm; Chapter meeting 7 pm; please bring auction items to support the local chapter scholarship fund.
August 20 - TBA
Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm (19:32)