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The Ninety-Nines Mission Statement
Established in 1929 by ninety-nine women pilots to provide mutual support and advancement of aviation, The Ninety-Nines Organization of Women Pilots has continued and expanded that mission. Today, the organization promotes world fellowship through flight, provides networking and scholarship opportunities for women and aviation education in the community and preserves the unique history of women in aviation.

The Sedona Red Rockettes 99s Chapter events include:

Airmarking - airmarking airport name, elevation, and runway numbers of local airports and taxiways

Education - supporting women in aviation


Scholarship - contact for application form.

Service - compiling a history of Sedona area women pilots

Chapter Newsletter - Sedona Skyline

Dues - $65 Int'l ; $20 Local
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Flagstaff Municipal Airport - 99s Compass Rose 2015
Winslow Airport Airmarking - 2015
Page Airport - 99s Compass Rose 2016
Sedona Red Rockettes 99s