Sedona Red Rockettes Ninety-Nines Chapter
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Sedona Red Rockettes 99s Photo Gallery
Chapter Meeting - August 2012 
Lois Neville, Rosemary Gravett, Anne Benson, Sharrilyn Honacki, Julie Millis (Chairman), Hass Maxson, Beverly Wilkinson (WASP)
WASP Members:
 Nell Bright & Beverly Wilkinson (in memorium)
Chapter Meeting - 21October2014
Left to Right...Lois Neville, Sharrilyn Honacki, Rosemary Gravett, Susan Hill,  Kathy Moore, and Julie Millis
99s Airmarking
Flagstaff Municipal Airport, October 2014
SW Section Award for Compass Rose KFLG - above -- Julie Millis & Lois Neville; left -- ROTC & 99 members; right -- Rosemary Gravett & Barney Helmick, A.A.E.
Thunder Over Flagstaff Air Show...
Above: Julie Millis & Susan Hill
Right: Kathy Eaton & Julie Millis